Symposium on Machine Learning and Data Modelling in the Biomedical Sciences (MLDMBioMed-2022)


Woldegebriel Assefa Woldegerima (Chair), York University, email:

Jude Kong, York University, email:

Jianhong Wu,   York University, email:

Symposium dates: September 27 - 28, 2022 from 9:00AM -17:30 EDT (Tornto, Canada time)

Symposium Zoom Recording:


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Invited Speakers:

  • Prof. Nathaniel Osgood; University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Prof. Jacek Banasiak; University of Pretoria; South Africa
  • Dr. Yonas G. Weldeslassie, The Open University, UK
  • Prof. Wilfred Ndifon; African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
  • Prof. Bruce Mellado; University of the Witwatersrand
  • Prof. Bouchra Nasri; École de Santé Publique de l’Université de Montréal

Updated Program of the scheduled talks, click this link: ScheduleProgram-MLDMBioMed-2022 

Updated Book of abstracts: Book-of-Abstracts- Updated- MLDMBioMed

Description: In recent years, data science and machine learning have been used to provide analytical view and insights  of real-world problems and predict future outcomes. Modelling, prediction, and control in biological and medical sciences and public health policy and practice are being revolutionized by data-driven discovery and significant progress has been made for the integration and intersection of data science, machine learning, and dynamic systems.

This symposium aims to bring together mathematical modellers and data scientists focused on the use of machine learning and other analytical tools in data science. The symposium will focus on emerging, re-emerging and future directions in topics related to key areas in machine learning and data modelling applied to biomedical sciences. Lectures and panel discussions of the symposium will be suitable for audiences with various backgrounds in the mathematical sciences.

Furthermore, we anticipate that this symposium will serve as a platform for experts, researchers, graduate students, and other participants to share their research experiences, and hopefully, this will lead to future collaborations and networking.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Application of ML in biomedical sciences
  • ML for data modelling
  • ML methods for dynamical systems
  • Data modelling applied to biomedical sciences
  • Data analysis and mathematical approaches to machine learning
  • Emerging ML applications for biomedical sciences/ infectious diseases modelling
  • Data-driven risk management.

The symposium is organized by the Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (LIAM) at York University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics in collaboration with the Africa-Canada AI and Data Innovation Consortium (ACADIC).

This will be an annual series, each symposium will feature plenary lectures and panel discussions, invited and contributed talks, and posters. The 2022 session will be hybrid with the majority of participants participating online.

Program of the scheduled talks, click this link: ScheduleProgram-MLDMBioMed-2022


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Invited speakers: 45 min-60 min (45min=35 min +10 min Q&A, or, 60 min= 45 +15 min Q&A)

Contributed talk: 30 min (25 min +5 min Q &A).


In case you may question, please contact Woldegebriel Assefa (