Gagandeep Singh Thind

Research Assistant


Gagandeep Singh Thind completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at York University. He is currently a medical school applicant pursuing multiple research projects with UHN, William Osler, St. Michael's Hospital, and LIAM. His current research project with KHERG at UHN is focused on assessing the quality of life of dialysis and post kidney transplant patients using Legacy and CAT questionnaires. His other project affiliated with the Farcas Lab at St. Michael's Hospital is focused on medical device design and innovation. He is involved in designing and prototyping multiple medical devices that may go on to be used in hospitals across the globe. Gagan has been a part of LIAM since May 2021 and has contributed to different projects with his strong foundation in mathematical modeling and epidemiology. He will pursue future projects with LIAM using his connections and affiliations with organizations such as Peel Public Health, UHN, and St. Michael's Hospital.

Research Interests :
Infectious disease epidemiology; Mathematical modeling; Patient care; Medical device design and prototyping; Quality of life